Players Experiences

Walter Chancellor


A player in the u12 division


I play for fun and excitement. Cricket is exciting because it’s a team sport and you can cooperate with your friends. 

I like the anticipation when the scorers are adding up the totals and also the anticipation for the game and training. 

My awesome moments were when I took an amazing catch last year and when I hit my first six. 

I like Cricket because it keeps you fit. 




Nehal Massey


Tuggeranong Junior cricketer for 6 years and current player in u16 to u18 div 1 team


There are many reasons why I play cricket.  My favourite thing is the friendship you form with your teammates. The happiness you feel after winning games and knowing that you have contributed to the win is very satisfying. Most of all the happiness you get from playing the game of cricket is why I won’t give up playing. Cricket is an important part of my life and the friendships I have formed from cricket is not possible in other sports.




Tom Neill


Player in U18 div 2 team and Tuggeranong Junior for more than 8 seasons  


There is nothing better than walking out onto the cricket pitch on a sunny Canberra morning with your mates. The friendships, skills and memorable moments make each weekend on the field the reasons I have played cricket for so long. For me it's about enjoying yourself and having a laugh with your mates, developing skills for on and off the field and feeling as though you have played your part for the team. I have experienced some unforgettable moments on the cricket pitch that I wouldn't trade for the world.




Nick Stephenson


Player U13 div 2


I have been playing cricket for 6 years and I have had so much fun playing. I love to hear the clank of the stumps when the ball hits them at full speed.  Cricket is the best sport I have ever played. I play it because it is a team sport and I love to work with a team. I love to cooperate with people and work with them. I play for Tuggeranong Valley, because I have friends in the different divisions, I love my coaches, I love how they run things and that they are always happy.





Rebekah Stephenson


Player Thunder Girls Plate Competition and U13 div 2


I play cricket because I love my team and I get to meet new people each year. I love when I smash the ball and I hear the crack of the bat when I hit a four. I really like my coaches because they are positive and are really nice. They always try to help me in my bowling, batting, and fielding. They encourage me to try my best every time.