Hall of Fame - Batting | Tuggeranong Valley Junior Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
18811065761533337352313188*Kartavya NarwanTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres Colts9 1WCMCC
28112258741533337352312281Bivu AhmedTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres Colts6 1North Blues
37611065741533337352313176Riley HulkkonenTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres Colts9 1WCMCC
4628764631533337352314662Jeremy MathiasTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres Colts14 1WCMCC
56214620771533337351664662*Jackson BurgemeisterTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres U15 Division 2 - T207 1Radford College
65921099961533337351794359Spencer DunnTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres U13 Division 19 1Queanbeyan
75712794811533337351101057*Jonathan AllenTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres U14 Division 114 1WCMCC
85619322351533337352002556*Benjamin CallawayTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres U12 Division 114 1WCMCC
95513706841533337353769055*Evan DrazevichTuggeranong Magpies2020/2021CDC Data Centres Stage 1 Friday South Blue12 1Marist Heat
105412256991533337351125054*Isaac MeyerTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres U14 Division 1 - T209 1Daramalan
115312256991533337351125653*Isaac MeyerTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres U14 Division 1 - T2010 1WCMCC
125310323451533337352311353Joey KiralyTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres Colts3 1Marist
135219322351533337351998752Benjamin CallawayTuggeranong2020/2021CDC Data Centres U12 Division 17 1Radford College
145016171201533337356557150*Samuel WhyteTuggeranong Eagles2020/2021CDC Data Centres U12 Friday12 1Tuggeranong Kookas
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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