Girls Cricket

TVJCC Girls Plate team

The plate team is the perfect starting place for your female cricketer who is either graduating from Master Blasters or who is between 10 and 13, and hasn't had any prior cricket experience. Our plate community teaches teamwork, builds sociability, and trains our female players in such areas as agility and hand-eye coordination, which can enhance any athletic pursuit. Modified format (aligned with stage 1 junior format) with a softer ball caters to beginners to allow confidence building before moving on to hard ball cricket. 



TVJCC Girls Cup team

The cup team is the next step in the female pathways program. Aligned with stage 3 junior format, these female cricketers play on a 20m length pitch and use a hard ball, but each team only has 9 players in order to maximize participation. Ideally this team is for 14 to 17 year olds, regardless of prior experience, however younger players can participate based on ability. Agility, technique, and self-discovery exercises are used to help the players build skills that will help them on and off the pitch.